Dystopia rising SoCal : Writer's application form

The Southern California Chapter of Dystopia Rising is always looking for individuals that would like to write for our game. Saying that, we would like to take the opportunity to list some basic obligations to the role of one of our Story Writers. 

Writers are expected to make deadlines. You can be the best writer in the world but if you don't make deadline, then we can't use your materials. Writers who are late with their materials will not be re-hired in the future.

Writers should focus on the "feel" of El Dorado, a Pre-Fall Hollywood backlot used by Film Studios that has survived the centuries and acquiring the reputation of being a ghost town, a modern day "Roanoke". Please take a look at the Echoes of Celluloid Dreams source book or learn about the Holywood region of the world. We focus heavily on the manipulations of Holywood, and the town's growth and status associated with the actions of the player characters of El Dorado, along with conflict with unseen political forces in the area. Main zed for the region include Shamblers, Tanks, Bursters, Hunters, and other opportunistic zed. Main raiders include Grave Walker Raiders, Pit Stop Raiders, and Beserker Raiders.

Writers should consider the season when writing modules. Because DR:SoCal is located in a desert area that becomes cold in the winter, and an oven during the late spring and summer months, we ask for submissions that fit the season they're being written for. Please consider that when it's hot in the summer, players want to be outside or in the water. When it's winter, players prefer mods closer to the heat and combat modules to fight the sting of the cold. When it's spring, focus on getting outside after winter and going on adventure-type modules. When it's autumn, focus on combat and the season finale (September).

Writers should focus on horror and survival at DR:SoCal. Writing horror-inspired modules is key for our experience in SoCal. If you need help with the horror genre, take a look at a few horror movies and think of how it would be best to incorporate it into a module.

Writers can submit several-month arcs. Once you are approved, and if you're interested in creating an arc that spans over several months, then please submit the general outline of your idea to drsocalplot@gmail.com. While single-shot modules are acceptable, writers that have ideas of groups, modules, and scenarios that go across several months will be re-hired for work. 

Writers may not submit multiple-chapter story arcs without telling us that this is occurring and talking with Experience Design. If you wish to create a cross-branch story, you must inform us ahead of time before writing. While we really want to encourage creativity in the creation of story, we need to enforce this policy. Any failure to do so will mean that you will not be contracted again.

Writers should write modules so that anyone can run them. Each module should be written in such a fashion that an Ops Guide or Rules Guide can look at the module and then be able to run it during game, assigning NPC roles, setting up the module site, etc.

If, after reading and understanding the importance of the above criteria, you are interested in being a Story Writer for our Chapter, please read and fill out the application below. Answer the questions with care and thought.

This application is based on many other Chapters' own criteria across the Dystopia Rising network, and we are looking for thought and effort to be put into answering our queries. Once this application is completed it will be reviewed by Experience Design. If your application is accepted we’ll reach out to you with the module template and any additional information.

This application does not guarantee that your work will be used. Dystopia Rising pays their writers at an industry standard of $.03 per word (not including instructions and template language). Payment for accepted modules is the month AFTER the submission.

Note : This application is a pre-requisite required to becoming a Story Writer for ouor Chapter. You may only submit modules after this form has been completed and accepted by Experience Design, Bennett Winter.

You do not need to be a DR player to submit modules or be paid for your work.


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Please write a vignette (short description or account) of what a typical day living in the town of El Dorado, the settlement of which our chapter is based on. Do so, paying attention to the theme of an old western ghost town being re-inhabited, the hot swamps of Low Town, and the ramshackle layout of the town. Please do so in story fashion.
Tell us about a module idea, something you are excited about creating, how it will interact and engage players, and how it could impact story for that event.