Weapons and Armor

You will enter play with a starter weapon item card for every weapon skill you have at your first event.  If you do not yet have a weapon, we can loan you one temporarily (more info below). You will also receive a starter armor card for your armor, which must be self-supplied as we don't loan it.  Starter armor cards are limited, with a rating between 1 and 30 points of armor, rated on coverage, esthetics, and materials. This means you'll be able to get right into the action of surviving and fighting in the wastes.


All boffer weapons will go through a Weapon Check by our staff before the event to ensure they are safe for the weekend.  Nerf guns are allowed (limit to 20 Nerf darts or any number of small birdseed packets for bullets).

nerf melee weapons CANNOT BE USED AT THIS EVENT


loaner weapons

We can provide loaner weapons FOR FREE during your first three games.  After your third game, we encourage you to bring your own weapon, but you may also rent one for $5 per event.