Every player needs to draft a background story for their character by that character's third game. The exception would be the Uncommon Strains and the Restricted Strains. Those backgrounds need to be submitted and approved before introducing the character to the game. To learn more about DR character backgrounds, please read page 240 of the Survivor's Guide. Also, here is some additional information to consider for our local characters:

The Legend of El Dorado - It's not a well-known myth, but around the Coast of Fallen Angels, particularly on the island of San Califia and the dregs of Lost Angels, there are whispers about a place beyond the infection that is thriving, safe, and life is more than mere survival. Most people don't know the way, although most people dismiss it as an urban myth or ferry-tale, a place too good to be true... but sometimes the whispers are loud, and other times life gets too desperate. In a world rife with death and misery, perhaps the daunting trek of seeking Paradise City is worth the risk of life. So how do you find it? Maybe that gun-toting Saltwise fishmonger in the corner of the saloon, or perhaps the quiet peddler in the dank alley... they all know someone who knows someone who knows a way to get there, but it's not a straight shot: the journey could take weeks or months, lead by various contacts or "mirrors," some of which are dubious or downright scary, and sometimes they don't find you for days... and that's if you survive!

Another key thing to remember: this game isn't about epic characters who've seen the world, it's about characters who want to become epic in a dead world.

Also, please follow these guidlines:

-Please keep it brief as we get many submissions

-Use Bullet Points if Possible

-Do not write in a story format.  We need these materials in a streamline design so that we can use the materials in it. 

-Only submit for Characters that have already played at least 1 DR SoCal game unless the background is needed for a limited approval strain

-Note that the DR SoCal branch only has control over Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Anything outside will need special permission from the owner of that DR Branch, and will only be accepted in very special situations. 

-Keep all groups you create as Small as possible. 

Real Name *
Real Name
Please note the requirements for playing different strains at DR SoCal
Please spell-check and rule-check your background prior to posting
Also include their relation to your character. Also, remember that the number of NPCs named should be kept to a minimum.
Any areas outside of the Lost Angels area must be approved by Plot, which may require additional time. Characters can not be related to, have been, or been directly involved with named NPCs from the table top book, game plot, or have been influential members outside of the Lost Angels area. Those areas belong to other games.
Any items of key importance not outlined in NPC interaction or travel locations.
Agreement *
I understand that my background must follow a certain format and guideline. I understand that my background should be related to the immediate area of the game (and if I was born in another location, I must explain how and why I came here). I understand that a background that does not have details in regards to local ties, locations, or organizations is not useful to the local STs and may never come into play. If my character background does not tie into the local area, I should not expect details from my background to be used by STs.