When building your character, there are certain regional considerations in regard to Strains. Each DR Chapter defines a region in different parts of the country, even the world. Because traveling around 'Merica is a nearly impossible feat, different chapters will make it extremely difficult to play certain Strains because of geography and demographic.

At DR SoCal, our region represents one of the most important melting pots in the world and even the country, with large populations of varied ethnic groups and cultures, and although other major cities have this in common with the greater Los Angeles area, Southern California is a sprawling cosmopolis of different counties, where the borders of every town and city are blurred together in a giant mass of concrete, glass and steel. Because of this, there are Strains available in our Chapter that are not available anywhere else.

The three categories of Strain players may choose from are Common, Uncommon, and Restricted. The following are the three lists of Strains under each category, and how they apply to the SoCal Chapter.

Common Strains

These Strains are abundant in and around the Coast of Fallen Angels. In fact, most of these Strains can be found at pretty much any other DR Chapter in the country. Players may choose these freely, without limit, and no background required until your third game.

Diesel Jocks 
Iron Slaves
Natural Ones
Nation of Accensor
The Red Star

Uncommon Strains

These Strains are based off diminished numbers and geographical distance within the Coast of Fallen Angels. Only a limited number of characters can be drafted from these Strains. This will require a full back story which must be approved prior to your first game, with a capped limit of availability and an AP buy-in of 150AP. 

Semper Mort - Seismic activity and the ravages of the land have crippled many cry-o-tube institutes, and have unleashed a fractional but formidable population of the Semper Mort into the world. This Strain is limited 1 to every 10 players.

Unborn - Description coming soon! (check out the rulebook for full details) Limit 1 for every 10 players.

Restricted Strains

These Strains would be hard-pressed to find themselves on the Coast of Fallen Angels, since they would be geographically alien and circumstantially fortunate to be here. A hard cap of 1 per 100 players will be allowed for these Strains along with a 300 AP buy-in, and most assuredly a strong full back story justifying this character's presence approved before your first game.

Bay Walkers - Hailing from the opposite side of the country, generally around the Mass.

Yorker - Hailing from the opposite side of the country, generally around Old York.

Banned Strains

Full Dead - descriptions coming soon! (check out the rulebook for full details)
Reclaimers - descriptions coming soon! (check out the rulebook for full details)