how to Complete your database Checkin

NEW PLAYERS WILL CHECK-IN AFTER THEY have Registered (paid) for the event. If you have already registered (paid) please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

You will need to input your player id as your username, and ‘password’ as your password (unless you have changed your password manually). If for any reason you are having a difficult time logging in, just email

Step 2:

Next you will choose how long you will stay for:

  • I will attend the entire event ($50) means that you can stay the entire weekend and your character(s) will receive full build.

  • I will only attend a single day ($30) means that you can only be at the event for one of three time periods: Friday 8pm - Saturday 4am, Saturday 8am - Saturday 11:59pm, or Sunday 6am - Sunday 12pm and will be marked on your character sheet(s) from the time you arrive, to the time you leave as well as still having to do a 2 hour NPC shift, and a 1 hour clean up shift.

  • “I'm just here to NPC” ($0) means just that; that you will not be playing any of your characters and that you will not earn any build, although saying that, you will earn 10AP an hour!

Step 3:

From there you will choose which characters you will be paying for(or have already paid for); check the box(s) and click next.

  • New Player - Primary Character $20

  • Primary character $50

  • Secondary character $20

  • Tertiary character $20

Step 4:

This will be the longest part of the self player generated check-in. On this screen you will see 2 drop down boxes, one for Purchased Build and one for AP Build Conversion. You can select up to 2 purchased build (each build point costs $10), and can choose to AP Build Convert up to 2 extra build points (10AP each).

It will not allow you to continue if you try and AP Build Convert and don’t have enough points to do so.

If you would like to buy items with AP please do so at the event.

Please verify that everything is correct then click next.

Step 4.5

((This step will only be used if you have chosen a second or third character to which you will complete the screen(s) as mentioned above in the last step.))

Step 5

On this screen you will be able to choose your NPC time through the drop down menu and be able to select whether you have paid for an NPC OPT out (please do NOT select this box unless you have ALREADY paid for the OPT out!).

There will be a Clean Up drop down as well, but it will be the same for everyone so you don’t need to change it.

The last step to this screen is the Creature Comfort drop down. Creature Comfort cards are items that your character(s) can get in game, and unless you are positive that you have 5 Creature Comfort cards to turn in at the start of game for 1 Build Point, then just leave the drop down empty.

Step 6:

The next screen will show you a total of what you have, or will be paying; click Finish. (it has been know to show inaccurate totals at times, and if it does please send an email to, but please still press Finish at the bottom).

Step 7:

You're done!  Your request is now ready for approval: