DR:SoCal Returning Marshal application form

If you are filling out this form, you have been a part of our Marshal Team in the past. In order to submit this form, you should be a member in good standing with our Chapter, and have NO disciplinary actions in the past 12 months. You are expected to always represent the game and the Chapter in the best possible way, always showing empathy and holding true to the progressive ideals of Dystopia Rising.

For Season Six, we will be focusing on player engagement (not just the Writing Team) in how the Marshals are running the modules. Our other focus will be making improvements to our Customer Service, and to take a vested interest in our New Players fitting in within the in game and out of game structure of our larp. We should always aspire to do better, no matter how good of a track record we may have.

Before you proceed, consider that signing up for the next Season provides you with a great opportunity. To take time for yourself, to divest yourself of responsibility to others in our Community, and to take a well-deserved break. If you have noticed yourself being short with others, shouting at New Players, making remarks that held others in contempt or ridicule (even as a poor joke), or taking your job as Marshal so seriously that you end up being hostile or take an aggressive stance with others in the Community - these are all tell-tale signs that you are in need of a break.

In way, Marshals are always wearing “the badge”. When a Player comes into a social situation and talks poorly of others, we expect all Team Members to steer that conversation into a more positive direction. When a player acts out at game, or takes their roleplay to the level where it is impeding the fun of others, it important the Marshal gets involved, even if it is to pass the information upstread. When drama strikes as it invariably does, it is important for the Marshal to deal with it in stride, minimizing its impact and not becoming part of the rumor mill. This is our Community, and the Marshals act as its Guardians.


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Note that it is a long standing policy in SoCal for our Marshals to not act in a Marshal capacity at any Travel game or National game, unless previously given permission from both Director Teams.
Do you believe you would have done anything different, in retrospect?