DR:SoCal New Marshal application form

The Southern California Chapter of Dystopia Rising is always looking for individuals that would like to Marshal for our game. The Marshal position, whether it be the Operations Marshal, the Rules Marshal, the Coord Marshal or a Settings Marshal are key to the function of a live action role play event. Saying that, we would like to take the opportunity to list some basic obligations to the role of one of these Marshal positions. 

Marshals are expected to always act with empathy. Viewing things from the mindset of the person you are engaging with is important. You can know rules backwards and forwards, run every threat correctly and be the best mod runner or NPC wrangler in the land - but if you don’t have the capability to interact with others and really empathize with them, you will be challenged to be a Marshal for our game.

Marshals should always represent what is best about the Community. Our Community is comprised of all kinds of different people, from all walks of life. Race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation are irrelevant - in our Community, everyone is equal. We show respect to one another, and make sure that we insure a safe play space for all. The actions of a Marshal reflect the totality of the game, as players will look to them as an example of the Team producing the event.

Marshal applicants should consider the amount of stress that comes with the position. It would be unfair to say that this is an easy job. It can be very rewarding, and that is why many do it. But it can have a profound impact on your out of game life, and sometimes that can be negative. While we allow players to be able to apply for a Marshal position after only three games with us, we encourage those that have been here for some time to apply - as they best know the stresses that can occur at one of our events.


An Operations Marshal is a position that involves “running” the game from the “driver’s seat”. Your main responsibilities are to ensure that the White Board system is being used properly, and that you are maintaining the flow of modules and content that are going out into the game. Other facets needed for the position not only include a working knowledge of the rules, but the ability to create reactive plot, gauge the interest of the player base during their shift, and record key information for the Writing Team to review after the game. Operations Marshals typically never leave the Operations trailer, and interact with the game via their Rules Marshals and NPCs on shift. In order to be considered for this position, one must first complete the training of a Rules Marshal.

Rules Marshals

Rules Marshals are the Marshals that are seen running content in the field. They are the ones that take the content that the Writers and Ops Marshals create and make it play out in the game environment. They need a strong understanding of the rules, and the ability to keep their NPCs focused, and the ability to stick to a schedule. During their four hours, a Rules Marshal may be involved in as many as twelve individual modules/encounters. The Rules Marshals are the backbone of the Story Team - they are the eyes, ears, and hands of Operations. In order to be considered for this position, a player must have first played at least three games with our Chapter, and have no disciplinary actions on record. Rules Marshals will be taught three different one hour classes spread out over their first three events as a Marshal, and also learn from the field and in some instances working with other Marshals.

Coordination Marshals

Coordination, or “Coord” Marshals are the ones that fill out the numerous item cards that exist in the game. They take the raw ingredient cards turned in, and fill out the item card that results. They work in a building that is in game, called the Post Office, so they work in character. Dystopia Rising has a very robust economy that is character driven, and so there are many, many cards to fill out. A cool disposition (long lines of irate crafters can be daunting) and a willingness to learn and adhere to the process that the Coordination Director has set up is important for the role. Coordination Marshals are required to go through Rules Marshal training. Due to the specialized training of a Coord Marshal, Rules and Ops Marshals may not help out in that capacity - however Coord Marshals can help out as a Rules Marshal should the need arise.

Settings Marshals

A Settings Marshal is a catch-all position for other responsibilities that require the authority to act as a Marshal. Typical positions are “New Player” Marshals, the “Makeup” Marshal (that handles the NPCs that volunteer for Makeup duty instead of a standard NPC shift), the “Kitchen” Marshal, and “Safety” Marshals. In reality, they are all considered Settings Marshals, as they all work to create the backdrop of the safe, welcome environment that SoCal aspires to.

The Creed

“Game must be safe, and it is my responsibility to act to ensure the safety of my game. I will act instead of watch, I will say instead of being silent to ensure the safety of all.

Game must be fun, and it is my responsibility to ensure that people are having fun. If people are not having fun, it is my responsibility to find out why they are not having fun. If it is within my power to help make game fun, I will do so. If it is not within my power to make game fun for them, I will communicate to other staff members what I have witness. Making game more fun begins with me.

I will understand the rules, work to know them, and understand the genre that the rules are trying to enforce.

I will respect my fellow staff members regardless of my opinions of who they are or what they are doing. When I disagree with what I see or have concerns I will voice these concerns, however, I will voice them 
in private to the person that they concern. If resolution cannot be found, I will then speak to someone up the chain from me to ensure the issue is taken care of.

Game is a fun hobby, and I will do what I can to make sure that it stays fun for me as well. While I have accepted responsibilities to my friends and my game, I will NOT become over focused on game so that it ***encompasses all of my life***.

If I say I am going to do something, I will do it. If I find myself in a unique situation where I cannot do what it is that I have said I will do, I will let others know so that I am not hindering the experience of others.

I will not abuse my position.

I will not act in a way that will unfairly help myself or my friends, nor will I ever take real world perks for abuse of my game authority.

Details of what is discussed as a team member will remain within the team and I will not share these details outside of it.”

If, after reading and understanding the importance of the above criteria, you are interested in being a Marshal for DR:SoCal, please read and fill out the application below. Answer the questions with care and thought.

This application is based on many other Chapters' own criteria across the Dystopia Rising network, and we are looking for thought and effort to be put into answering our queries. Once this application is completed it will be reviewed by the Directors. If your application is accepted we’ll reach out to you with further information.


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