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What is a Guide, exactly? It is many things, to many people. At its essence, it is the willingness to accept a higher level of responsibility to the players that call this game their home once a month. Even though it is quantified as an cast shift, the fact remains that without the Guide structure, the game would not run well, if at all. They serve as Operations Guides to make sure there is content to run and to keep notes of what has happened in game so that the Writers can write with continuity in mind. Rules Guides get the NPCs ready and mobilized quickly, giving them stats and making sure the mods go out as intended. Coord Guides run the Post Office, making sure the needs of the industrious players of SoCal are met quickly, efficiently, and with little error. Settings Guides help in other roles, such as the Kitchen, helping with photography, makeup, and mod set up/tear down, and other areas.

It is important to note that our new structure of having Guides added to a particular Season is an extension of our motto of asking players to exhibit “self care”. Guides can now decide to take a season off if they feel the burn out of running a hundred plus player game every year taking its toll.

Season Seven New Guide Application form

Season Seven Returning Guide Application form