January 2019 Weekend Event : "We Were Soldiers"
to Jan 20

January 2019 Weekend Event : "We Were Soldiers"

  • Riverview Recreation Park LLC (map)
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Dystopia Rising : SoCal is a larp based in Southern California, and calls Riverview Recreation Park its home 11 months out of the year. Our game is based on the post apocalypse, centuries after a zombie plague wiped out humanity. Players live in and work in a Settlement called El Dorado, smack dab in the middle of two of the biggest Settlements on the Broken Coast, Holywood and Vegasia. 

Tickets may be purchased on our website, or at the event itself. If you are a new player, please read our New Player section at http://www.dystopiarisingsocal.com/

If you have pre-registered, registration will open at 3pm the Friday of game. For everyone else, registration will open at 5pm. The site will open at 2pm for arrival. 

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