• Age Requirements: To play in Dystopia Rising SoCal you must be at least 17 years of age and must show a valid form of photo ID that can verify your age at checkin. If you are under the age of 17, you may still play the game if a legal guardian is with you. The legal guardian will have to play a character alongside you, and be with you at all times. If you need more information regarding this please contact Rick.drsocal@gmail.com .


  • Community: If there are two words that can sum up much of what is in the Community Standards for Dystopia Rising, they would simply be, Respect, and Consent. The Community is predicated on the basic concept that we are a diverse group of intelligent, fun, nerdy/geeky individuals that come together and play, once a month. We have all agreed to a "social contract" of sorts, which includes the following of the rules as they are laid out, and the basic decent human interaction that needs to happen as laid out by the Community Standards.

    Respect goes a long way in establishing the bonds of fellowship, both in and out of game. It allows us to transcend the in-game and sometimes out-of-game challenges that we face as our characters and as people. It really is the foundation of our Community, off of which all out interactions with each other hinges upon.

    Consent is the fundamental right of every player in our game. For a full physical game like Dystopia Rising, it is of utter importance that players are asked for consent for even doing such a thing as role-playing setting a mangled limb, or using the carry ability to help someone that can't stand on their own in game. This goes for fighting, and if people wish to engage in more physical forms of fighting (grappling, pushing past shields), they must ALWAYS ask for consent, and for the consent to be given. This applies, to every single instance that consent needs to be given. There is no such a thing as blanket consent.

    What is important to note, is that consent covers other things too, like discussions in which consent was asked for, but was rejected. This can be a drink that was proffered, and hand that was given to help someone up, a offer to go out on a date (in character), to share tent space. At each of these turns, if the answer was to reject the offer, then no further pursuit of the consent should be done.

    No ALWAYS means no, in game or out.

    If it wasn't readily apparent, Respect and Consent are the standing stones on which our Safety Culture is built upon. Players need to feel safe in our game, as their characters work to fulfill their own goals, often striving against one another, needing to fight the legions of undead and worse, just to live one more day.

    Think about this, before you start your flirt, make derogatory comments, or otherwise do unsettling things in game with a player that doesn't know you or your character well. And if you do know a player well, and they tell you stop what you are doing that makes them uncomfortable, please stop. It can be disconcerting. It can be downright creepy.

    Think about this, when you stop showing respect to your fellow player, belittling or even taking in game actions against them for choices they make in and out of game. It is never okay to spread rumors, or talk to others about someone in that vein. If you have an issue with someone, you deal with them directly, show compassion, show respect.

    And in all your interactions with one another, always show empathy - put yourself in the position of the other person, and understand what it is like to "walk a mile in their shoes".

    Be excellent to each other.


  • Orientation: Our game starts its opening ceremony at 8pm Friday night every event in the tavern and lasts for about 30 minutes. During the announcements, we talk about recurring IG and OOG game mechanics to note, and any new mechanics for the event. After the announcements we will direct all the new players to a seperate location where our New Player Marshals will talk with everyone for about an hour and go more into detail about the game and answer any last minute questions there may be. This hour orientation is mandatory for all new players, and if you happen to miss this time frame, your directors will be happy to walk you through it.


What our game provides:

  • A private eclosed "town", 40 hour interactive exciting weekend from Friday 8pm until Sunday at 12pm.
  • Free parking
  • Clean and accessible bathrooms and (cold) camping showers
  • Basic NPC food normally consisting of PB&J, instant ramen, trail mix, snack bars, water, etc
  • Access to a fridge and microwave
  • A meal plan you can buy into both for vegans and non-vegans (and even a "free" meal plan that is vegan and very basic if you really cannot afford to pay for the actual meal plan)
  • A LARP safe weapon for you to borrow if you are within your first 3 events and dont have your own.
  • A community focused on respect, consent, and positive energy


What you should bring:

  • A TENT! We are a tent only event meaning that we DO NOT have cabins or building for you to sleep in!
  • A costume, which can be as simple as some old clothes you own
  • A genre cup/mug/container to drink from!
  • A set of black clothes that you wont mind getting dirty during your 4 hour NPC time
  • Extra set of clothes for after game
  • Bedding & Toiletries
  • Food for the weekend if you choose not to do the meal plan
  • An open, creative mind


Optional AP items to bring:

If you are a player looking to max out your characters build points (EXP), then there are things that you can donate to the game that will earn you Assistant Points (AP), which in turn can be converted to more build for your character. The way AP works is a conversion rate of 1AP for every $1 spent/donated, and 10AP = 1EXP. Once you earn 10AP, you can convert that to 1EXP up to a maximum of 20AP to 2EXP per character per event.

We always put up an AP list on our Facebook group page 2 weeks before the event of items that we need to help us run it. This list normally consists of office supplies, water, heating/cooling items, etc.

If you are looking for easy items that we always need they are: 24pk water, bug spray, Ultra thin black sharpies, regular cheap pens, and unscented makeup wipes. For a more detailed specialized list, you can check out the document on the Facebook group!


Here comes the fun part; creating the specs for your very own character!

1. Here’s the Survivors Guide (The Rule Book) that you can download for free!: CLICK HERE

2. Choose your Strain!


    These Strains are abundant in and around the Coast of Fallen Angels. In fact, most of these Strains can be found at pretty much any other DR Chapter in the country. Players may choose these freely, without limit, and no background required until your third game.

    -Diesel Jocks

    -Iron Slaves




    -Natural Ones

    -Nation of Accensor


    -The Red Star








    These Strains are based off diminished numbers and geographical distance within the Coast of Fallen Angels. Only a limited number of characters can be drafted from these Strains. This will require a full back story which must be approved prior to your first game, with a capped limit of availability and an AP buy-in of 150AP.

    -Semper Mort



    These Strains would be hard-pressed to find themselves on the Coast of Fallen Angels, since they would be geographically alien and circumstantially fortunate to be here. A hard cap of 1 per 100 players will be allowed for these Strains along with a 300 AP buy-in, and most assuredly a strong full back story justifying this character's presence approved before your first game.

    -Bay Walkers



    The only way these strains will ever see their way to Holywood is if they have traveled from far away settlements to visit and trade. Neither of these strains may be created at this chapter.

    -Full Dead


3. Choose your Profession!

  • Starting Professions



    -Caravan Driver











    -Gun Slinger




    -Mad Scientist

    -Martial Artist










    -Ring Leader











4. Choose your characters starting skill list!

Every character gets to start out with 13EXP (Experience Points/Build). Each basic skill will either cost 1EXP, 3EXP, 6EXP, or 9EXP. And each additional Health or Mind point will cost 1EXP. You can choose skills from your Strain list, your Profession list, and the Open list.

What each character can (or cannot) learn in terms of skills can vary drastically from each other depending on what Strain, and Profession is chosen.
To see the full skill list for your character, check out the Survivors Guide (The Rule Book)!

5. Choose your characters name!

If you have friends that play the game already, and you would like your character to come from the same “family” or group as them, it may be a fun idea to create background ties and have the same last name.
If you don’t know anyone yet who plays the game but would still be interested in possibly creating ties with someone, feel free to reach out to our FaceBook group Dystopia Rising SoCal, and just say, “Hello, my name is ----- and I was looking to create background ties with someone.” Our players are always very eager to include new players!

6. Submit your character!

To have your character input into our database, please send the information to Amber.drsocal@GMAIL.COM. The information should include the characters Name, Strain, Profession, and 13EXP starting skill set.

Still don’t have it all figured out? Email us at AMBER.DRSOCAL@GMAIL.COM, or post to our FaceBook group Dystopia Rising SoCal and we will help you out!


Now that you have your character all figured out, it’s time to create a kick-ass costume!
Clothes and accessories and Weapons and Armor:

DR National crafters for commissions: Click HERE

DR crafting group for ideas: Click HERE

DR Marketplace for misc: Click HERE


To register for game CLICK HERE!