Costume Creation

     When shopping for the apocalypse, remember one major thing: You are going to destroy whatever it is you're wearing. You're going to be in a place with fake blood and real mud, running around and fighting off zombies, raiders and other horrors of the wasteland. Keep that in mind when shopping for clothes. 

  • Good Will, Salvation Army, or anywhere to get cheap and worn down clothing is your best bet when finding clothing to wear. These places are roulette, so check back every so often to see new things that come through if you can't find anything you wanted the first time through. If you don't want to buy anything second hand, make sure to get something you aren't going to be attached to, because it's going to get dirty and you're going to be wearing it a lot, so make sure it also fits comfortably.
  • Next thing to do is distress the clothing to look as though it survived the apocalypse. Rip a few holes in it and stitch some of them up, or heck, just undo and redo all the stitching by hand if you want a genuine dystopian look to it! Add coffee, tea, or fake blood stains. Get some paint on it, rub it in the dirt, even sand blast it if you want to! You want to make sure your clothing looks the worst so you can look your best.


  • When you put on your clothing, you should be able to look at yourself and see the image you think of when you picture your character. If you feel like it's not enough, just add things as you go.  Layers, accessories picked up over time, and character costume details grow with your character.  Maybe you find a hat you think your character would like or a different shirt (or piece of shirt) that would look good. The more you add, the more your character evolves.