Players can access knowledge, ask questions, and network through the DR: SoCal Forums. The forum is a perfect place for genre resource sharing, rules questions, establishing character background ties, or touching on random topics. The forums are not meant for meta-gaming or making in-game or in-character requests, with the exception of the in-character forums, which require one of your characters to possess the Literacy skill to read and/or post. The forums are shared by the other Dystopia Rising games in the network.

Sign up for the Forum HERE, and click below to access it.

We also have a Facebook group where we make announcements and for players to interact and share genre resources, photos, banter as well as to promote the game and share ideas. The Facebook group is NOT for rules questions, in-between game actions or in-character interactions. Please join our Facebook group today, and get your friends to join, too by clicking on the link below, or the Facebook button in the upper-right corner of this website.

DR: SoCal Facebook Group

For all other questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at by clicking on the mail icon in the upper-right corner of this website, or fill out the form below.

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