On social media, our chapter maintains a Facebook group where we make general announcements. In addition, it's used for players to interact and share genre resources, photos, and more with the primary focus being to promote the game, share ideas and to help our new players. The Facebook group is NOT for rules questions, in-between game actions or in-character interactions. Please join our Facebook group today, and get your friends to join by clicking on the link below.


Contact emails


rick.drsocal@gmail.com - Community Managment:


amber.drsocal@gmail.com - Logistics, Customer Service: This is the email to send in any questions regarding your character sheets, book-keeping, re-rolls, alt creations, buybacks, AP inquiries, or any other questions that directly concern your characters. This is also the email to contact regarding getting a player number, or resetting your password on the database.


ian.drsocal@gmail.com - Experience Design, Visual Design: This email is the primary contact with your Storytelling team. Here you can send your backgrounds, communicate regarding personal plots.


anthony.drsocal@gmail.com - Marketing:


jake.drsocal@gmail.com - Conflict Resolution:

For all other questions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the form below.

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