Players can find a place to connect to other players, other chapters, and even other larps via the network created by our parent company, Eschaton Media. This is a perfect place for genre resource sharing, establishing character background ties, or touching on random topics. The forums are not meant for rules clarifications, meta-gaming or making in-game or in-character requests. In addition, there are in-character forums that represent message boards from the different Settlements of the DR game universe, which require one of your characters to possess the Literacy skill to read or to make a post. 

You can create an account (including ones for your individual characters) by clicking the link below.


On social media, our chapter maintains a Facebook group where we make general announcements. In addition, it's used for players to interact and share genre resources, photos, and more with the primary focus being to promote the game, share ideas and to help our new players. The Facebook group is NOT for rules questions, in-between game actions or in-character interactions. Please join our Facebook group today, and get your friends to join by clicking on the link below.


Contact emails - This is the main contact to get in touch with your Directors. This is the main email to send in rules clarifications, feedback, and to let us know of any issues you may experience. - This is the email to send in any questions regarding your character sheets, book-keeping, re-rolls, alt creations, or any other questions that directly concern your characters. - This email is the primary contact with your Storytelling team. Here, you can send in your Post Event Letters (PELs); an in-game letter that is written from your character's perspective, that allows the STs the ability to see game through the eyes of your characters. - This email is used to contact your New Player Marshals. We have dedicated Staff members that will walk you through the creation process of your primary character, and help you prepare for your first event. - Character backgrounds can be sent in using this email. Note that your character background should not be submitted until after your third event, as we allow you to change, or "re-roll" your character, up to that point. Backgrounds are read by the Storytelling team to make sure we are creating a game environment that is exciting and engaging for our players. - Assistance Points are a way that we reward our players for helping out the chapter. This can include buying needed supplies for a game, to helping out with promotion or actual physical work on the site we use. This email should be used to send us the reciepts/confirmation of payment for purchases, or to turn in hours worked. It is important to note, that this is our primary way of tracking the AP submissions you have made. - This is the email you can use to contact our Marketing team. We often have events or panels at various conventions throughout the year, and are always looking at new ways to promote our game and Community. 

For all other questions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the form below.

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