Character Creation

Now that you've read through the rulebook and have an idea of what the world is like, it's time to make a character that will live and breathe in it! We understand that it's a lot to take in, so we've also made a handy list of fully-made characters for you to use. 

  • Pick your strain (strain availability)

    • Your strain determines your character's background as well as their strain advantages and disadvantages. Plus, most strains have a special list of skills that they can teach themselves!
  • Pick your profession

    • Your character's profession is what they do to get by in a hard world, and gives them access to a list of skills (and their XP costs) that they can use to further their agendas.
  • Buy your starting skills

    • Your character has a bank of 13 XP to spend on skills, stats or an additional Profession (you get one Profession for free!) before they come into game for the first time. You can spend XP on a 1 to 1 basis to get additional Body and Mind for your character (1 XP for one more body, etc.) or you can use that XP to buy skills from your character's Profession and Strain list. Remember, you must spend all of your starting 13 XP before coming into play or you lose it forever!
A lascarian enjoying some fine dining
A mad scientist doing SCIENCE!